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Jan 3, 2012

Well I hope I don't have to do that again

Went to the range with DW and Progeny. Sometime during the shooting, DW's S&W Revolver cylinder wouldn't close. We had only shot a box and a half of ammo through it, so since it was getting close to sunset anyway, we packed it in. I spent the next hour and a half teaching Progeny fun new words while trying to figure out how to put this damn thing back together. I finally did get it working properly (%^*ing hand, ^&*^& trigger return spring) after poking a hole in my left thumb with the hammer spur (firing pin?) and gouging my left index finger getting the hand properly assembled to the trigger assembly, fighting a very annoying spring inside the trigger.

This is why I usually pay people to do stuff. I stay more civilized that way. And if I ever have to take the sideplate off of Tam, my S&W, I hope that the last guy to put it back together didn't use Locktite, given the cheap screwdrivers I have...

Needed a bigger hammer today. In case you're wondering, the gun still works. In spite of my efforts.


  1. If it's an older (classic) model Smith, the S&W nomenclature for the hammer-mounted firing pin is Hammer Nose.
    Just sayin'

  2. Hammer nose? Seriously? Wow. Either way, it stabbed my thumb, and We Are Not Amused.