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Apr 23, 2012

Thoughts on the weekend

1. It is incredibly gratifying to have a real, honest to God mission. As opposed to the busy work they normally come up with for "training."
2. This is true even if it's KP. I got to help feed 50 Soldiers.
3. I actually VOLUNTEERED for KP(I work in restaurants, round hole, meet round peg)
4. It's complimenting when the Mess Specialist looks at you while you dice vegetables with a chef's knife and says, "You've worked in a kitchen before, huh, Sergeant? I can just tell." In the Army, I'm a Transporter.
5. It's even more complimenting when the Mess Sergeant took my advice on setting up the chow hall, and lets me get out of the dish pit to help out.
6. The mark of a good NCO is to know when to stay out of the way. The Senior Mess Sergeant came in, showed me a trick I never knew about slicing onions, then disappeared until it was time to inspect after clean-up. The Private who was also on KP had worked in a Subway, so the situation was well in hand.
7. Feeding 50 Soldiers who are grateful it's not another MRE one meal is much easier than feeding 2000 whiny, spoiled, brats of all ages who aren't satisfied with anything for 2 or 3. And some of those whiny, spoiled, brats are employees who should know better.


  1. I actually VOLUNTEERED for KP(I work in restaurants, round hole, meet round peg)

    I'm a Transporter.

    Somewhere I think the army has a secret table that says, "You're a big strapping guy who's a trained diesel mechanic and who's afraid of heights, you're airborne material."

    1. It actually had more to do with what slots were available in the unit that was in the Armory I joined up with. Then I deployed with a different unit, and when I got back, my old unit had moved and there were no slots for me at all in my "local" armory. I now drive across the State for Drill with the unit I deployed with. For 5 more months. Then I'll be an ex-military whackjob.

  2. A real honest to God mission...those are gratifying!