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Dec 22, 2012

Thank you

I am...humbled.

A good friend encouraged me to put up a tip jar on the blog, so she could contribute to buy a Christmas gift for Progeny. She then spread the word.  Dammit.

I didn't think that many people knew my blog existed. I'm certainly not big time like, oh say Brigid or Tam.

I will admit that things are tight. They are much less tight thanks to you guys. I didn't want to say anything on the blog because my pride > my good sense. 

So thank you. I will do my damnedest to send each of ya'll individual thank you notes as soon as the Hoppes #9 fumes quit getting in my eyes. And the dust from spring winter cleaning. Yeah, that's it. I am not tearing up.

God bless all of you.


  1. No man is an island,
    Entire of itself.
    Each is a piece of the continent,
    A part of the main.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, TCA.

  2. Merry Christmas TCA.

    I have naught to give but wishes and prayers this year. Please accept both for you and your family.

    1. Those are gratefully received as well, Sergeant. Lord knows that is all I am able to give, too often.

  3. Better people could not be gifted this year, with our prayers or our little bits of help.

    Have a very peaceful and blessed day tomorrow and in whatever the new year brings.