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Jan 17, 2013

Words you do not want to wake up to...

Specifically, "Honey, I got pulled over, I need you to put my gun back together."

Me: "SNNNNXT, huh, wha?"

DW: "I need you to put it back yogether, the cop took it apart."

Here I am envisioning a pile of parts to make a gunsmith cringe. I open my eyes and find? The magazine had been removed and the round that was in the chamber flopping about loose. Whew. This, I can do.

Seems DW got pulled over for having a sticker on her windshield that identified her as a local a licence plate light out, and she informs the Officer straight out about her .380 in her center console. He says, "OK, mind if I remove it, or you could step out of the vehicle, your choice." DW, mindful of the cold, allows him to remove it, letting the Officer know that she didn't like it, but she understood. The Officer, for his part, mentioned his support for the 2A, and when he brought the gun back after determining that DW was neither drunk nor a felon on the run, and alleviating his nightly boredom for a few moments, returned the firearm, magazine removed, in the back seat of the vehicle. Now if DW had been a bit more flexible, she could probably reached back there and set things back in order herself (save her perplexity vis a vis how to recamber that loose round). But she's not, yet, and she was annoyed with that. She couldn't reach her gun. (Note to self: more time at the range with DW)

Now my wife is extremely intelligent, and probably could have figured it out in time. But I am the bigger gun nut in the family, and she trusts me with these things, and is a little nervous around guns safety conscious. She tolerates me, for which I am extremly grateful.

Still, next time she wakes me up after coming home from work, I think I'd rather hear, "Honey, check out the nightie I'm not wearing."


  1. It could have been much worse. And concur with your last sentence.

  2. I hope having a gun, you're responsible with your actions. Just a precaution.

  3. Happened to me, OCing, in 1975. Was FI'd, then the two officers unloaded my magazine, and told me if I recharged it, I'd be in breach of the peace.
    I advised them an officers peace cannot be disturbed (there were no other folks present) and reloaded it and went on my merry way.
    Thankfully, I'm guessing I don't look good in or out of a nightie...

    PS - who's the troll?

  4. Actual opening lines to phone calls I have received that have woken me from a dead sleep (I work nights and sleep days):

    Sister In Law: "First off, he's OK." (telling me that Youngest Son had run out in front of a car and bounced off the windshield)

    Oldest Son: "Y'know Dad, one day we're gonna laugh about this..." (telling me he had hit a deer with his mother's car)

    Yeah. I f'n love surprises.

    1. Awakening my Dad, after participating as a passenger in a no-injury, one p/u truck accident:
      "Hey. Wanna go for a ride" (to pick us up)


  5. It was good she called you. Better to have "back up" then to be uncomfortable with the situation. If it's her gun, or one she may have to use, the goal should be where she can insert the magazine, chamber a round, handle a stove pipe and clean the weapon. The 380 is a good choice for that and she'll enjoy the time at the range I'd bet adding some additional skills.

    I've been pulled over just twice since I had my concealed, both for problems with the vehicle (lights) not traffic infractions. I didn't have a weapon on my person, as I was traveling into Illinois. They couldn't have been nicer and appreciated me having my interior lights on, hands up on the wheel and concealed permit on the dash with my license and registration when the walked up.