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Jul 10, 2014

Drafting a letter

So I've drafted a letter to my wife, but haven't sent it yet. It spells out my boundaries, and my chosen course of action should my boundaries be violated. I have sent it to my lawyer(legal advice), a pastor friend of mine(is it too harsh?), and Heroditus Huxley, who is a Professor of English and Composition(spelling, grammar, tone)

I am getting loads of advice because this is a weighty issue.

I have an appointment with a counselor, via the VA. This is one of my shows of good faith.

Words will mean nothing. I am paying very, very close attention to actions.


  1. I offer this only out of concern that this could backfire on you in two ways.

    Should you go to a counselor, you could end up getting labeled with something and not be allowed to own a gun in the future should you desire to own one.

    Volunteering to go to a counselor could be twisted by her attorney as an admittance that you need help of some sort or an admittance of guilt.

    Now I didn't have kids involved in my divorce and I know that puts an another level of complexity on this that I didn't have to deal with. My ex said something about counseling and I refused as I was suspicious of a trap and realized that my marriage to her was over regardless of all the side-road detours we took.

  2. You're playing it smart. Emotions are not your allies here. I know it stinks to hear that, but your lawyer earns his money here.

  3. Just one man's opinion, I'd value a good priest over a VA counselor. Prayers continue.