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Mar 18, 2015

Depressive's Prayer

Disclaimer: This is a release of emotions, not a declaration of intent. Think it could be set to music? 

Are you there, God?
Do you even care, God?
Don't you see my tears, God?
Don't you know my fears, God?

You bore Your Cross for love;
I just bear it.
You bore Your Cross for love;
I just wear it.
You bore Your Cross for love;
I just fake it.
You bore Your Cross for love;
I can't take it.

Can you feel my pain, Lord?
Can't you see that I'm ashamed, Lord?
Why am I alone, Lord?
I feel it in my bones, Lord.


You promised You'd be there, God.
And it didn't matter where, God.
I don't have any hope, God.
And I want to tie the rope, God.

I'm crying out in prayer, Lord.
I really hope you're there, Lord.
I don't know what to do, Lord.
I'm hanging on for You, Lord.


It really hurts a lot, God.
And I want to take the shot, God.
I can't take it any more, God.
My life is just a war, God.

You know my little girl, Lord?
You know she's my whole world, Lord?
Please keep her safe for me, Lord.
When in a better place I'll be, Lord.


Not that I think this is all that good, but just in case: This post Copyright (c) 2015, all rights reserved.

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