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Jun 15, 2014

Crying in the Shower

I posted this on FB, back after she stopped talking to me and letting me talk to Progeny. I thought I'd share it with ya'll. I wrote it out in one sitting. So it's a bit rough.

Crying In The Shower

Suck it up, they say, and be a man
Don't let your feelings show
Don't show your weakness to the world
For all the world to know.
To cry and bawl are not for thee
'Tis unmanly so they say
So I do my crying in the shower each and every day
To be a stoic is the goal of most the men I see
To face your pain unflinchingly
To force your pain to flee
But in the shower no one's there to see the tears that fall
So they can see my brave face on when I am out my walls
It's getting harder though
to do this thing, to keep the stoic way
For I have taken showers at least fifteen times today.


  1. Understood, sir - I wish we could do more.

  2. Lovely, if anguished. You're Catholic, right? I'd advise visiting your priest for counseling/comfort.

  3. I can't imagine how crappy this Father's Day was for you, TCA

    1. I could fertilize all the cotton fields in Georgia. With some left over.

  4. Ya know, sometimes its ok to be a wreck.

    With what your going through this is one of those times, lean on your friends, family and your faith and you'll make it.