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Jun 7, 2014

Lawyer Bleg

God I hate this...

My wife ran off with my daughter to another State. And she filed a restraining order against me. Making me a prohibited person. I did not abuse my wife. If you want to know the details before you donate, my e-mail is on the sidebar. I warn you, it's complicated, and not pretty.

I need money to pay the lawyer handling my case, in the State where my wife is, to remove the TRO, and fight for my good name. I will put it to you, if my wife is several states away, how am I a "clear and present danger" to her? She left me, and I stayed put, waiting for her to come back, hoping it was just a temper tantrum, hoping she was at a friend's house, worrying that my daughter was OK. For the first couple of days she would call, repeat her narrative, make her demands, and let me talk to Progeny. Then she "shamed" me publicly on FaceBook. Then she cut me off. Wouldn't respond to me. Wouldn't answer the phone. Then I got served. With an out of State TRO. With the hearing in 4 days. That's when I started scrambling for legal representation.

I also need money to pay the divorce lawyer in my own State, and to fight for custody of my daughter, because I will not have my daughter be put through the same type of psychological abuse I was put through. Other bloggers can corroborate my claims. They are local to me, and have seen what my wife can be like when she's mad at me. My wife has made the claim that she doesn't "feel safe" with me. Then I say she doesn't have to stay with me anymore. I will be fighting for custody, for my daughter's safety.

I'm sorry for all the blegs. To those who know me on FB and meatspace, I'm sorry for all the drama. I've sold all my guns to partially pay for both lawyers, and to set back some money to travel from the Midwest to the Northeast. But I need more. Please help, any way you can. Help me get my daughter back. Not for me. For her.


  1. I feel your pain (not going into details, myself), and wish I could offer more, but all I've got at the moment are prayers. Sending those your way.

  2. All I can afford right now.

  3. Wish I could afford to help. My brother got recently screwed over in the same sort of way.

    I'll send prayers in the meantime.

  4. Holy f**k, that sucks. I just tossed a bit into the kitty. Ain't much, but it's something.